Infusing Tea in Alcohol

Brewing up some delicious Oolong infused liquors for a tea flavoured tipple.


I was a bit apprehensive about making this video because I know that some people are very purist about tea and hate the idea of messing around with the leaf especially with something as seemingly different as alcohol.

I, on the other hand, adore experimenting and tasting. While keeping the reverence for the leaf and understanding the traditions of True Tea, I enjoy trying to find ways to take that flavour we love and apply it to other foods and drinks. Plus I love the taste of a good Whisky, aged Rum or botanical Gin. So I make no apologies for this video.

Infusing tea into alchol is so ridiculously simple and the results can be totally divine so please do experiment and you can Instagram or Facebook us with your winning combinations.


If you are ever in Bangkok then visit Han’s teahouse SEVEN SUNS in Ekkamai for a true tea experience:
Instagram: @7evensuns
Facebook: @7evensuns

Try infusing yourself:

Amethyst Gaba:

Royal Peach Orchid

Jasmine Jade


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