Pairing Tea and Cheese

Enjoying the Good Stuff with a variety of different cheeses like a true Swiss-Chinese family!


This was a fun video to shoot because my sister and I have an obsession with talking about food - it's kind of crazy but leave the two of us alone and we could spend days discussing foods we remember eating or delicacies that we would like to be munching on.

The concept of pairing tea and food is certainly nothing new but in my view it is remarkably understudied and the work that has been done feels a little lazy (Black tea goes with chocolate, Green tea goes with chicken) and I am reminded of how wine and food was discussed a few decades ago.

I prefer to experiment and try to understand as much as possible about the science of tasting. I am not trying to get all 'Heston Blumethal' on you but the way the tastebuds and aroma senses function is fascinating.

In this video I introduce a little about pairing and why I find some teas work with some of our favourite cheese. All teas are at the bottom of this post so you can try these pairings.


To buy any of the teas in these videos:
White Peony
Amber Gaba Oolong
Jade Sword (Anji Bai Cha)

Imperial Green (Long Jing)
Alishan Cream
Bulang Black

Black Yunnan Tuo
Young Gushu
Wuyi Lapsang

Superior Iron Goddess
Midnight Sun
Eastern Beauty

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