Three Ways to Make Iced Tea

Impress your guests by whipping out the most delicious iced teas possible this summer.


Whenever the sun finally arrives in London this city becomes even more magical. I can honestly say that there is no place on Earth with the same lazy excitement and happy vibes as London in summer. If you have never experienced it then you must try to get to London during a heatwave - it is a bit like trying to see the Northern lights, illusive but unforgettable.

The one thing that really frustrates a teahead like myself during the summer is the lack of selection of good cold drinks. I am not a big juice drinker (too sweet for my tastes) and I can't down lots of pints like I used to. Instead I CRAVE for some good Iced Tea.

This is almost impossible to find anywhere. Those bottled teas are all pretty low quality and they taste pretty bland and stale while most people having a picnic or BBQ don't even consider bringing tea (iced tea is much bigger in the US than the UK).

So here is my call to everyone - make some PROPER iced tea and share this video so that your friends will make some too!

The methods to make iced tea in this video can be used for all tea types (I would avoid cold brewing Ripe PuErh though) but work particularly well with Green and Black tea. You can add any kinds of herbs, fruits or cordials as you wish but if you pick a favourite tea you will  most probably adore the pure liquor so much that you won't want to add anything.

I promise that if you follow these basic methods you will be sipping on the most vibrant and full character iced teas you have ever tasted and you will be the envy of all around you!


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