A beautiful, sleek, minimal and tactile kyusu handmade in Tokoname from a speckled cream stone.

This 300ml kyusu is the perfect Japanese or Gong Fu brewing companion. It is the perfect size for brewing solo or up to 4 people and looks great in any setup.

This stoneware has a smooth yet textured feel in the hands. It is a joy to brew with a nicely angled spout for a convenient right handed pouring action. The filter is a very fine mesh stainless steel fitted and held using a stone flower (see pictures).

The stone, much like clay, has good heat retention and will brew relatively transparently without affecting the taste or texture of the tea as much as clay. It is a universal kyusu which can be used to brew any type of tea.

Seasoning and washing your Kyusu

It is generally not necessary to season Tokoname teaware in the same way as Yixing clay. You can follow the same instructions as Yixing but really all that you have to do is rinse this kyusu in boiling water a few times and then begin brewing.

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