Brewing with the Gong Fu Guru

Learn the intricacies of brewing with the Guru.


If you haven't seen our video about the journey to making the Gong Fu Guru then check it out to get a full understanding of how obsessive we were in the making of this elite brewing system. In this video we go through a simple step by step tutorial of how to brew with the Guru.

This is of course Gong Fu Brewing. But Gong Fu Brewing is a very open style which has been adapted all over China and the world and is at heart simply about getting the best out of your leaves. The Gong Fu Guru is not about following rules and we would love for you to experiment with your style depending on your tea and your tastes.


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The perfect way to store your tea. Stackable tins which have been designed to keep your tea organised easily.

2016 Fuding Bai Mu Dan & Shou Mei

It's here! The latest in our legendary aged White series. Special blend of 2016 Fuding Mu Dan and Shou Mei. Strawberry, leather, cherry sweets, overipe-banana, lotus and Pear brandy.

Organic Oolong processed in low oxygen to increase GABA to 200mg per 100g. Summer rain, apricot jam, wet wood and chestnut honey.

A classic cup traditionally for Chaozhou style brewing but suits any tasting session.