Japanese Tea Month

Buy One Get One Free on the most sublime Green Teas and top grade Matcha


Japanese Tea Month

For the whole month of August and WHILE STOCKS LAST, we are offering a too-good-to-miss offer on all of our Japanese Teas and Matcha.

Buy a pack of any of our Japanese teas or matcha and you will receive an extra pack on us!

Yes, that's right, you can indulge in the finest Uji Matcha on the planet or sip on handpicked Okumidori Gyokuro for an unheard of price. What you do with the extra pack is up to you - gift it to a Teahead friend, use it for some of our upcoming Japanese tea recipes or simply stash it for yourself.


I know what you are thinking. Why are they trying to sell these teas so affordably? Is it because they are approaching their best-before date? NO! These are some of the most supreme Japanese teas on the planet and they have at least another year shelf-life before they reduce in quality (in fact our Genmai Matcha is 2018 tea so that's another 2-3 years!).

We are simply overloaded with more Good Stuff arriving on the boats from China, Japan and Taiwan and we have to clear space in our storage. Our loss is your gain so do not miss out on this offer.

Here are the teas which you can pick up on this offer:

Uji Hikari Matcha

Probably the best matcha that we have ever tasted. Incredibly small batch and made by a revered Matcha family in Uji. Creamed spinach, watercress, rich umami and a palma violet sweetness.

Ceremonial Matcha

Super high grade Organic Matcha from Shizuoka. Fresh spring fields and kombu umami leading to a brief bitter hit followed by vibrant, juicy sweetness.

Okumidori Gyokuro

Top shelf, hand picked Gyokuro. Shade grown for over three weeks. Sweet taro, parsley stalks, peppery nettles and a rich creamy umami broth.

Kanaya Midori Sencha

Organic Sencha from the southern tip of Japan with a distinct sea air quality. Porridge oats, lemon balm, celery salt and avocado.


Porcelain roasted blend of three pickings of Bancha Green tea. Caramel soya sauce, hay and poached pears.

Genmai Matcha

Matcha dusted Genmaicha. Soy sauce covered rice crackers and fresh cut green grass with a rich umami savoury sweetness.

To get your discount, add 2 packs of the same tea to your basket and we will automatically charge for one. Don't stop at 2, this is the perfect opportunity to pick up more of your favourite Japanese Greens or try something fresh!

The offer finishes at the end of August 2018 but be aware that we have limited stock so act immediately to be sure not to miss out on your favourites.

PS. Offer is while stocks last and does not apply to tasters or pouches of tea

We think you’ll love:

The perfect way to store your tea. Stackable tins which have been designed to keep your tea organised easily.

Long Jing - Dragonwell

First flush, pre-qing-ming Long Jing picked on 8th March from 40-year-old bushes of the small leaf variety. Sweet adzuki beans, lemon shortbread and palmier.

Organic Oolong processed in low oxygen to increase GABA to 200mg per 100g. Summer rain, apricot jam, wet wood and chestnut honey.

Ancient tree Raw Gushu PuErh from Da Xue Shan forests in Yunnan. Banana pudding, wild strawberries, flint and green bamboo.