Loose Leaf vs Tea Bags - Children Tasting

Can children taste the difference between true tea and those tea bags?


My nieces are always asking for tea sessions with their uncle and I thought that I would give them a blind taste test between loose leaf tea and tea bags. Watching how kids react without any bias or preconceptions about which tea is higher quality was so enjoyable.

I had made a previous video tasting the difference between loose Green tea and Organic tea bags but I thought I would make it a little harder for my nieces. Black tea is much easier to make into teabags compared with Green tea. Any damage done to the leaf during the machine harvesting and industrial production is not as much of a big deal when the tea is going to be oxidised fully. For Green tea this damage means that the final product will be over oxidised when it should be light and fresh but for Black tea it is acceptable.

So the difference in flavour between the best of British tea bags and an unsmoked Lapsang Souchong is put to the test and my nieces try to choose a winner.


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