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Can GABA Oolong help Children with Autism?


A new study by Coventry University has shown that our Amber GABA Oolong may help people with Autism. In this video, we meet Dr Anna Joyce who is one of the researchers of the study to discuss the study and what this might mean for future research.

GABA (gamma-amino butyric acid) is a neurotransmitter which helps to balance out hyperreactivity in the brain and has been implicated in the control of conditions such as anxiety and sleep disorders. GABAergic neurons are thought to have a crucial role in emotional processing, sensory discrimination and this may impact motor skills. 

Features of Autism tend to be over-excitability of the senses (visual, tactile and auditory) which can affect sensorimotor skills (balance, dexterity, stress, sleep and emotional processing. Since GABA is the main neurotransmitter for reducing over-excitability, it stands to reason to figure out how GABA is involved in ASC (Autism Spectrum Condition).

It turns out that people with Autism have much lower GABA levels in their brains than typical brains. This is due to structural and functional differences in the parts of the brain which produce GABA as well as a likelihood that the conversion process of Glutamate to GABA is impaired in people with ASC. Therefore, the sensory overloading in people with Autism is likely to be related to this reduced GABA and supplementing with GABA may be useful.

We supplied Coventry University with a selection of teas and tisanes with varying GABA and L-Theanine levels to use in a study with children with Autism and they have had very encouraging results.

  • reduced level on the Autism Spectrum Scale
  • improvement in manual dexterity, balance
  • reduction in stress
  • less sensory excitability

This is a small feasibility study so itis not conclusive but warrants larger studies. A sensible conclusion for anyone with Autism is that it is worth supplementing with a few cups of our yummy Amber GABA Oolong - it cannot be harmful and could be really helpful so give it a try!

I do hope you will have a look and share this important information with anyone who may benefit from it.

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