Tea Gift Ideas

Our guide to the best Tea gifts to pick up for tea beginners and connoisseurs this Christmas.


Gift Ideas!

We have a curated selection of Mei Leaf exclusive tea related presents and gifts for you and your loved ones this holiday season.

First up we have our horizontal tasting Tea Flight Boxes. An immersive and entertaining way to really train your palate in each type of tea and great for social drinking sessions.

Each box contains many sessions of three specially selected teas including some ultra small batch and exclusive private collection tea. These are excellent presents to introduce newbie tastebuds to the diversity within tea types and the perfect gift for the connoisseur teaheads out there because of those exclusive small batch brews.

oolong flights.png

Then we have our Mei Leaf Sampler Selection. A box containing ten different top drawer Mei Leaf teas across most tea types. This gift is great for those who want to explore the wide palate that true tea has to offer or introduce teaheads to a choice selection Mei Leaf brews. There are two Gong Fu servings of each tea so this selection will give twenty tea sessions!

Mei Leaf Sampler.png

The Sensation Tea Tower doubles up as a great tea present AND a nifty dinner party gift during the festive season. The tower is made up of three stackable tea tins containing three different Mei Leaf blends designed to introduce tea to the party. One is perfect with meals, another will keep you partying and finally we have a recovery tea for the day after a heavy night of fun

Tea Towers.png

The Mei Leaf Teaware selection has everything that you need for pro-level brewing. We have glass, clay and porcelain pots, gaiwans and cups. We have teapets and all manner of tea brewing tools.

One of our most popular gifts to introduce people to Gong Fu Brewing is our Connoisseur Tea Brewer which is the most convenient desktop brewer producing quality tea easily.

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What to get a Teahead who has more tea than they can drink? T-shirts! We have some exclusive designs hand drawn by Celine and screen printed on high quality t-shirts.


Finally, if you are stuck for choice then the easiest way to make a Teahead happy is by buying our Mei Leaf Gift Vouchers! Choose any amount in any currency and simply email them their goodies. This is an instant present for those last minute gifts and will make any tea geek super happy.

Don’t forget to treat yourself while you are browsing for others!

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The perfect way to store your tea. Stackable tins which have been designed to keep your tea organised easily.

Organic Oolong processed in nitrogen to increase GABA to 200mg per 100g. Summer rain, apricot jam, wet wood and chestnut honey.

Jing Mai 400 Year Old Gushu PuErh Spring 2018

Delicate pickings of mineral rich Gushu from estimated 400 year old tea trees in Jing Mai. Deep baked bananas, dried apricots, raw pie dough and zesty limes.

Long Jing - Dragonwell

Pre Qing Ming harvest of one of China’s most famous teas. Deep, rich and aromatic with roasted borlotti beans, sweet limoncello and strawberry jam aromatics.