Tea Mirror Competition

Our Grand Annual Mei Leaf Competition 2018 - show us your tea alter ego and win over £200 worth of tea goodies!


As the year 2018 enters its final quarter, it is time for our Grand Annual Competition & Giveaway.

Last year's Alpaca Challenge set the bar really high - we were blown away by the creative force of the global Teahead community, as we watched our social feeds turning into a psychedelic zoo for over a month. Now, we want to streamline that amazing creative vibe into a more reflective dimension and get to know you, dear Teaheads, in a fun and playful way.

Welcome to our


Guys, we got a bit tea drunk on Gushu the other night, as we came up with this competition idea, so bear with us and you will be rewarded with laughs and mad prizes if you do! :) Let's go!


Do this by holding your finger on the image below and then selecting 'Download Image'. If you are on a computer you can right-click and select 'Save as'.


Let's get to know your tea alter ego! We invite you to answer 6 simple questions and share your answers on the social platform of your choice (or all of them for more chance of winning).



  1. Download our #TeaMirror form to your phone. Do this by holding your finger on the image below and then selecting 'Download Image'. If you are on a computer you can right-click and select 'Save as'.
  2. Answer the questions in the #TeaMirror form by loading it in Instagram Stories. If you do not know how to do this then read the more detailed instructions at the bottom of this article. You can use other software to create your #TeaMirror but it is designed for Instagram.
  3. Make sure that you TAG @Mei_Leaf and #TeaMirror in the spaces provided, if you do not tag us then we can't enter you in the competition.
  4. Post on your Istagram story. Your profile has to be set to public otherwise we cannot see your story!
  5. Follow us on Instagram
  6. Please create another story with the blank form so that others can grab a screenshot and make their #TeaMirror.


  1. Create your #TeaMirror on Instagram or any other software.
  2. Post it on Twitter. Make sure that you TAG @mei-leaf-tea and #TeaMirror.
  3. Follow us on Twitter.


  1. Create your #TeaMirror on Instagram or any other software.
  2. Post it on Facebook. Make sure that you TAG @MeiLeaf and #TeaMirror. NOTE: the post or your FB account must be set to public or we cannot see any of your posts.
  3. Like us on Facebook.

Feel free to use any or all of the platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). We will limit ONE ENTRY per platform so you can have a maximum of three entries by posting on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Deadline: Before midnight on Sunday the 25th of November, UK time!


We will create a list of everybody who submitted their #TeaMirror to all our socials and randomly select 3 winners LIVE at our MeiLeaf Session 12 on the 1st December 2018.

1st Place Prize

  • A stunning handmade Jian Shui clay pot of your choice from our new teaware collection 
  • 2 matching Jian Shui cups
  • PuErh cake of your choice* AND
  • Illustration of your tea mirror character done by Celine
*PuErh cakes are subject to availability

2nd and 3rd Place Prize

Each winner gets a cake of Downtown Hen Party, one of our new treasures hunted in Spring 2018 in Yiwu, a 200-300-Year-Old Gushu Huangpian Raw PuErh.

All prizes will be shipped out to receive before Christmas, apart from illustration. We cannot put pressure on our artists, Celine will need some time to create a drawing that represents the winner's mirror character.



  1. Create an Instagram account if you do not have one.
  2. On your homepage, click the upper left-hand icon called 'Your Story'.
  3. On the bottom left-hand corner, click the button to open your Gallery.
  4. Find the #TeaMirror picture in your gallery and select it.
  5. Click on the 'Aa' symbol and write your name or pseudonym. It works best if you pick the BLACK colour and that the font is Typewriter. Click 'Done'.
  6. Put your finger on the text that you have written and drag it to the relevant box.
  7. Repeat for all of the answers.
  8. Click the stickers icon (a smiley face at top of the screen). Select the '@MENTION' option and type MEI_LEAF. Click 'Done'.
  9. Pinch the TAG so that it is about the same size as the @MEI_LEAF watermark at the bottom of the screen and then drag the sticker there.
  10. Click the stickers icon and select the '#HASHTAG' option. Type TEAMIRROR and click 'Done'.
  11. Resize and drag into position like the previous sticker.
  12. We would love to see your face or any other image that you feel reflects your #TeaMirror. Click the stickers icon and select the CAMERA icon.
  13. Take a picture of your choice.
  14. Click on the picture so that it creates a bold circle. Resize and drag to the space near your name.
  15. When you are all finished, click the '+ Your Story' icon at the bottom of the screen.
  16. PLEASE add a BLANK #TeaMirror form by repeating steps 1-4 and then skip to step 15.









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