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    Like a piece of art in a teapot. The taste is nice as well.

Blossoming teas are made very skillfully by hand in China. The artisans take white tea buds (although occasionally other tea types are used too) and carefully wrap them around floral presentations which are sewn together with thread and dried. When you pour boiling hot water (cooler water means the the buds don't open as efficiently) the balls open to reveal a floral display in your glass.

Blossoming teas have become quite fashionable all over the world and I have noticed more and more restaurants serving them up to customers. Therefore China is producing a lot of them and as with all tea, they vary greatly in quality. It is worth noting that these teas are made primarily for the visual beauty and so there are many that use very low quality tea to save on price.

I have had the not-so-enjoyable job of tasting hundreds of blossoming teas to select our range and I can categorically say that our blossoming balls are the best tasting blossoming tea out there! They use high enough quality White tea to provide a delicate taste which compliments the floral sweetness.

In each pack we have 2pcs of 3 floral arrangements - 6 blossoming teas in total.

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The perfect way to store your tea. Stackable tins which have been designed to keep your tea organised easily.