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    Delicious herbal blend. I add ginger for benefits and taste. I feel and understand stagnation. This tisane relieves by 2nd week. Laxative effect is very mild. I will ensure to always have on hand.

Weight loss is a very common request at our teahouse and at our clinic in London.

Let's get something straight though! The fundamental key to achieving a healthy weight is what you eat and there are no healthy shortcut out there to counter poor eating habits. However, weight loss is far more complicated than the ridiculously simplistic calculation of calories burned vs calories eaten. Every one has different metabolic rates, different reactions to foods and process the foods with differing efficiency.

This blend of herbs has been formulated by AcuMedic to kick start your body to efficiently process foods and clear stagnation which will assist in reducing weight if coupled with healthy eating. Drink daily for about 10 days to begin with and then take a break and drink more when you feel the need to boost your food processing.

This tisane does contain Senna which has a slight laxative effect so please drink in the evening. We do not advise using this blend for more than two weeks in a row in order to prevent reliance on the Senna as a laxative.  Not suitable for pregnant women.

This is one of our exclusive functional blends formulated to give you the biggest hit of herbal goodness.

A pouch of freshly ground raw, medicinal herbs. Designed for fast extraction to get the goodness out of these herbs without any cooking. All of our herbs are sourced from reputable growers and harvested at the right season for optimal efficacy.

Each pouch will make at least 20 cups of high strength herbal tisane.


Infuse one heaped teaspoon in 300ml boiling water for 2-5 minutes (depending on desired strength). Strain (ideally with a Finum Brewing Basket) and drink while warm. You can reinfuse a couple of times.


This blend is designed for effect rather than for enjoying flavour. These herbs are sold for making a hot drink or for use in cooking and are not intended to treat any medical condition.

For more detailed descriptions of the properties of these herbs, please consult a Materia Medica.

Western Brewing
Amountg per 100ml 1st Infusionseconds + Infusionsseconds Number of
1 180 +60 2

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