Bamboo Charcoal Filter


This is such a simple way to transform your water for tea. Add a few pieces to your water storage jug and leave for a couple of hours and the water will taste purer and sweeter with a softer texture. It is perfect water for drinking alone or making tea or cooking.

Another use for the Bamboo charcoal is to remove odours and maintain a more consistent humidity when storing your tea.

One pack contains six pieces each about 15g.


Before use, please clean the charcoal with a brush under running water in order to remove any charcoal dust - this is not dangerous but will affect the texture of your water. Allow the charcoal to dry thoroughly in the shade (the sun may cause the charcoal to crack).


The charcoal has a purifying effect on the water by absorbing excessive chlorine and other water sanitation chemicals while adding elements to enhance taste and texture. Add at least three pieces per 1.5 litres of water. The longer that you leave the water, the more the transformation, so try to give it at least an hour before using (we tend to keep the charcoal in a jug and keep refilling with water whenever we use some).

After a couple of weeks, it is a good idea to rinse and brush your charcoal and allow to dry in the shade before reusing. Over time the effectiveness of the charcoal will diminish, we recommend replacing the charcoal after using for 3-4 months but this is up to your tastes. After you have finished with the charcoal pieces, they can be used as odour absorbers.


Use either freshly prepared charcoal or the spent ones from water purification to absorb unwanted odours in your tea collection. Add to your tea storage containers, cupboards or drawers. The charcoal apparently has an additional benefit of stabilising humidity although we have not tested this claim.


  • Add to cold brewing tea
  • Add to rice cooker for softer and sweeter rice
  • Deodorise refrigerators or shoes - DO NOT use for water purification afterwards!
  • Add to fish tanks
  • Crush used charcoal and add to soil for plants


This charcoal is fragile and can easily be broken. This does not affect the quality of absorbance and can be used anyway. We will take care to package your charcoal carefully however, we cannot be responsible for broken charcoal as this is unavoidable.

Do not wash with any detergents.


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