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    This is perfect for dry brewing! I love the design and it's also super soft. Everyone needs one of these in their teaware collection.

A Chabu or table runner is the perfect way to start your Chaxi (Tea stage). It marks out a place on your table or desk to focus your brewing and provides a visual contrast to show off your teawares.

This Chabu has been designed by Mei Leaf, it has been treated in such a way to give it a soft and slightly tufted texture. When water hits this Chabu it usually stays on the surface as droplets for a period of time to allow you to wipe it off with a tea towel before it gets absorbed into the Chabu.

The dimensions of the Chabu are 50cm length by 28cm width. This is a big enough setting for brewing dry or for most Cha Pan (water trays). It perfectly fits our Gong Fu Code, Satellite and Vessel. You can get longer table runners but we think that they are impractical in most circumstances.

The design is double-sided for versatility. On one side is a specific blue, which we find shows off practically all teaware from glass to porcelain to all types of clay. Use this side for a Chabu which is there to subtly accentuate your setup.

Flip the Chabu over for our 'Bird Court' design which is filled with surreal characters and landscapes to enjoy, entertain and provide a much funkier setting for your tea session = the red and blue contrast well to add a splash of colour and story-telling to your Chaxi.

PLEASE NOTE: While this Chabu is designed for dry brewing and we have used it without any issues ourselves, it is possible, if placing the chabu on a white surface to notice a faint mark on the table surface if a very hot pot is left on the chabu for an extended period. This mark should be cleaned off with a wet sponge and cleaning product after the session.

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