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    Beautiful cups. Perfect size and shows the color of tea beautifully.


The drinking cup is so important to get the richest tea tasting experience. The shape, size and material all play their part so let's analyse why we made these our ultimate porcelain tasting cups.

1. Material

Thin porcelain is timeless and pure class when drinking tea. The thinness gives a look and feel of elegance whilst allowing the tea to cool quickly for the perfect tasting temperature.

2. Size

It is important that a cup is not too big because it will mean that you can serve less people during a Gong Fu Session and the tea will stay hotter. Too small and the tasting experience becomes fiddly.

These cups are designed to be intentionally slightly oversized and NOT filled up. This allows there to be a significant column of air above the liquor to trap some of the aromatics (in the same way as a smelling cup). This makes a big difference to level of aromatic information to inform your tastings. We recommend that you fill up the cups about half way (approx 25ml).

3. Shape

There is always a trade off with shape in cup design. Edges which are angled wide are easier to drink (less movement of the head) but they do not capture aroma. Edges which are straight or bend inwards (flute shaped) will hold aroma but tend to leave an annoying amount of tea in the cup unless you tilt backwards a lot when drinking. These ones tend to be quite unstable too with a higher centre of gravity.

This tulip shaped cup provides the perfect balance for us. Easy to drink, stable and rich in aromatics especially if you do not fill too high up the cup.

These cups match perfectly with our Mei Leaf Blue De Hua Gaiwan and De Hua Porcelain Gong Dao Bei.

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