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    Great size and weight and the porcelain’s blue tint contrasts well with the colour of the tea. Great everyday gaiwan.

We searched far and wide for our perfect Gaiwan and here it is!

This is an evolution of our popular Sky Blue Gaiwan (featured in the following videos). It is made from excellent quality, thin, De Hua porcelain.

It has a beautiful light blue colour which shows off tea and matt brown edging for visual appeal and grip. The colours are sleek (none of the traditional Chinese designs) and modern and it is simply a beautiful piece of teaware to add to your collection.

This Gaiwan is 150ml which is the perfect sessioning size for 2-4 people while being an excellent partner for solo brewing (use a little less leaf and don't fill water to the top). We think that this is the most versatile size to have in your home and then you can add 70-100ml teaware for solo brewing or horizontal tastings.

The saucer has been designed with a lot of thought, with a hole to lock in the Gaiwan for stability. This hole doubles up as a  great way to drain the usual excess tea which spills out from the bowl during a good tea session. The diameter of the saucer is millimetre perfect to lock in the lid when the Gaiwan is open between steeps.

The pour is excellent and controllable and comfortable to hold in all Gaiwan pouring positions.

Suitable for all types of tea, we love Gaiwan brewing and recommend it to everyone.

This Gaiwan matches perfectly with our De Hua Porcelain Gong Dao Bei and Porcelain Cups.


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