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    Very slow, a bit dripping pour, nice opening size

A stylish Dehua Porcelain teapot with a light blue glaze. The styling is reminiscent of petals or shells and it perfectly matches our Shell Teacups and Saucers. The blue colour glaze makes it suitable for pairing with our Sky Blue Porcelain Gong Dao Bei.

Dehua makes fabulous porcelain wares of spectacular quality. They may not have the hand-painting tradition of Jingdezhen but for unpainted pieces, Dehua is top quality - famous for some of the finest porcelain in China.

This Dehua teapot is a great size (150ml) making it suitable for small to medium Gong Fu Sessions. Porcelain is the universal tea brewing material suitable for all tea types to brew with transparency to appreciate the flavour of tea unaffected by shaping from clay.

We are selling this pot with 2 matching cups and 2 matching saucers as a discounted bundle for the ultimate gift to yourself or teahead friends.

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