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    The finish of this gong dao bei is very pleasing. It’s a lovely rough texture to hold and when the light hits it the flecks of bronze shine through. Great pourer too.

A delightful Gong Dao Bei rich in character and aesthetics. This 225ml pitcher has been glazed and fired to ensure that each is unique, taking on bronze metallic patches randomly. This makes for a very natural, handcrafted and individual pitcher.

The pour on this Gong Dai is incredible. The slightly extended spout makes it accurate, smooth and practically drip-free.

A stylish addition to any Gong Fu setup, especially with other clay teaware.

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2006 Menghai Shu PuErh

A 16 year aged ripe PuErh made from up to 150-year-old trees. Salted peanut butter on hotcakes with brown sugar and antique woods.