Fish Tea Boat  · Teaboat

A charming tea boat which raises heads and commands admiration whenever we pull it out for a session. The fish design is bold and playful while being understated enough to fit in with any Gong Fu setup.

Since getting our teaboat to test we have found ourselves reaching for it whenever we would like to have a pared back and minimal session. It is a great centrepiece for any session and really is a tactile joy to use.

The glaze has a cracked finish so the fish will build up a beautiful, cracked eggshell pattern of tea stained lines with use.

Made from thick and sturdy porcelain, this tea boat is stable and weighty. It is deep enough to collect enough water to allow you to quite freely adorn your pots and pour away your rinses. Once it is nearly full you can grab the fish by its tail and easily pour the liquid away from the smiling mouth!

The diameter of the stand itself is 10cm, giving you adequate room for any Gong Fu brewing wares.

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