Individually handmade smiling pig teapet made from Nixing Clay. This little friend will be by your side to join you in your sessions for life and it will develop a beautiful patina over the years.

A high-class teapet for the most discerning teahead, this little pig is so ergonomic in the hands made from super-smooth Nixing Clay in that trademark bronze brown and grey-blue. Every pig is different as each is handmade by artists in Guangxi. The clay will develop a patina as you wash your teapet with tea.

The size and shape of the pig are perfect for even the most crowded sessions and it can double up as a pot lid holder for most teapots.

Nixing clay is one of the famous clays in China (the others are Zisha, Jian Shui, Chaozhou and Rong Chang). It is made by blending clay from two sides of the Qinjiang river after storing each side differently form many months. After mixing the pure and neutral clay becomes super malleable and smooth making it ideal for carvings. The colour of the fired clay ranges from bronze brown to grey-blue and because the clay is porous it will absorb tea oils and change over the years.

This teapet is a real treat and the perfect gift for yourself or any teahead brewer.

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