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    Wonderful Gaiwan, love to use this when I have a tea I want to see the visual transformation of. Displays the leaves beautifully.

This 100ml Gaiwan is totally unique and immediately caught our eyes (and hearts) when searching for Jingdezhen porcelain.


Let's start with the fabulously styled shape. The visual impact of the 'V-shaped' profile is softened with gentle curves and undulating ridges. Adding leaves to this Gaiwan shows them off like no other vessel we can remember and adding water to this 'V' shape makes the leaves dance wonderfully.

The lid shape perfectly complements the body with the similarly curved and textured 'A' shape profile. Then you have the sleek yet substantial foundation of the Gaiwan - totally individual in its stark flatness yet working so well to give stability to the whole look of the piece.

Next, let's talk about the colour and glaze. This Ru Yao porcelain is made with a unique beige glaze which seems to shift in colour depending on the light and, once again, shows off the pallette of tea colours (especially Green tea) fabulously. The glaze has a lovely crackle effect which will stain with tea as you use it, furnishing the Gaiwan with craquelure beauty. The rims of the pieces have been burnished a deeper brown to add more definition and contrast to the Gaiwan.

The quality of the craftsmanship is noteworthy too - showing off the skills of Jingdezhen potters which they are so rightly famous for all over the globe. In the hands, this Gaiwan feels different - weighty yet delicate.

Finally, let's remind ourselves of the capacity. This is about 110ml to the rim but is essentially a 100ml Gaiwan. For us, this is the most versatile size of Gaiwan. Big enough to have sessions for 4 people but small enough to use solo without having to use excessive leaves.

All in all, a very special Gaiwan.

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