Connoisseur Glass Tea Brewer And Decanter  · 500ml
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    This is great for uncomplicated sessions anywhere

PLEASE NOTE: This product is on sale because there is a small and barely perceivable Chinese character watermark on the glass. It is not noticeable unless you are looking for it but we wanted to offer a 10% discount to clients.

This is the simplest and neatest way to brew Gong Fu style anywhere. We all love breaking out the teaware for a good session but sometimes the situation calls for something a little more minimal.

This Connoisseur Tea Brewer allows you to brew the pinnacle of tea Gong Fu style in a neat self-contained unit with no mess or fuss. Many clients buy one for work (I guarantee that you will be the envy of the office) or like to have one at home to brew throughout the day. Others enjoy the portability of this brewer allowing you to bring the joys of Gong Fu Brewing to friends and family without packing up all the teaware.

Using the Connoisseur tea brewer is a breeze.

  1. Pour loose tea into brewer
  2. Fill brewer with hot water
  3. Close lid
  4. If you want to rinse the leaves then push the button, throw away the rinse and repeat step 2
  5. Allow to infuse
  6. When brewed to your taste, push button to release and decant tea
  7. Pour tea to serve
  8. Tea leaves are ready for next infusion

The fine mesh filter in this brewer is excellent for providing super clear liquor and raises the leaves above any potential water in between infusions to prevent stewing.

Cleaning is very simple too. Remove the brewing chamber (there is a twist locking mechanism) and rinse the brewer and decanter.


The mechanism of the brewer is impossible to make without this food-safe plastic and having used this brewer for years we are convinced that it does not taint the taste of the tea. If you do not wish to use any plastic then we have other brewers made from porcelain or glass.


**Not Dishwasher Safe**

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