Connoisseur Tea Set Bundle


This great tea set bundle includes:

Connoisseur Tea Brewer

The simplest way to make perfect Gong Fu tea. Pour loose tea into brewer, fill brewer with hot water, close lid and allow to infuse. When brewed to your taste, push button to release and decant tea. Pour tea to serve. Tea leaves are ready for next infusion.

Large Double Walled Glass Tea Cup

Stylish glass cup which keeps tea hot and does not burn your fingers.

Appreciate the colour of the tea with this beautiful hand blown double walled borosilicate glass cup. Keeps the tea hot or cold (if you are having iced) and your fingers are shielded from excess temperatures.

We think you’ll love:

Brew Gong Fu style in a desktop format. The perfect way to brew at the office or home without a tea tray.

Beautiful double walled small glass cup for showing off your tea.

The essential Glass pot for all Gong Fu teaheads

The essential fine mesh stainless steel filter for all Gong Fu brewing.