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    Great thermal insulation and shows the tea in a unique way due to double glass. It has a great pour and capacity making it a great choice if you want to stack your infusions and keep the tea warm.

A Gong Dao Bei to keep your tea warm and show off your liquor in style with an excellent, smooth pour.

Sometimes you want a larger Gong Dao Bei. Maybe you are brewing in 200ml or larger Gong Fu wares, maybe you want to stack infusions so that you have enough tea to sip on for solo sessions at work or for larger sessions with guests. If your tea is going to be left a little while in your Gong Dao Bei, then preserving the heat in the tea is a bonus.

This double-walled glass Gong Dao Bei offers extra thermal insulation that really works. Your tea will stay warmer for longer meaning that you can brew up to 300ml of tea and have it sitting happily without it cooling excessively. It also looks very cool, with the liquor floating in a double-walled bubble.

But what about the pour? I know that many of you may have tried double-walled pots and pitchers before and the pour always lets them down - uneven and drippy. Not this Gong Dao Bei - the pour is exemplary, smooth, controllable and mess-free.

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