Gold Brush Gaiwan
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    This quickly became one of my personal favorites. The 'gold' specs are hypnotizing. A great addition to any collection.

A gaiwan which captures attention with its 'earthy' extravagance.

We are always looking for Gaiwans but often the darker stoneware versions feel excessively thick and chunky. This 130ml gaiwan has been crafted from fine pottery and is thin and light with a clear 'bell' tone on tapping. It has the feel of a fine porcelain gaiwan in the hands.

The surface of the gaiwan has textured ridges which is very unusual and wonderfully tactile. This allows the gold and bronze glaze to show off those stripes and speckled surface of the lid. Each Gaiwan will be unique and a one-off.

The deeper tones and metallic sheen of the gaiwan work well to show off all types of tea. I especially enjoy Greens and Sheng PuErh as their vibrancy shines through against the deeper tones of the gaiwan.

The glaze itself reacts to touch, water and the tea oils and becomes shaded with changing tones like a clay patina. These tones can be polished off with a dry cloth bit I personally love watching the gaiwan pick up the shades of previous sessions.

Made in Jingdezhen in China.


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