Gong Fu Glass Pot
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Yes you may have a Yixing clay pot or you may be brewing in a gaiwan or Kyusu but no Gong Fu set is complete without the small glass pot. This is like the little black dress of the Gong Fu world - every household should have one.

Transparent taste and suitable for all tea types, the Gong Fu borosilicate glass pot is one of our most used ways of brewing. It is great to watch the leaves in water and assess the strength of the tea for easy brewing.

The spout has a steel coil filter to catch most of the leaves (for most teas you do not require a separate filter) and has a smooth pouring motion for no spillages. Beautifully balanced design and functional - this is a must have for Gong Fu teaheads.

Oh and by the way, if you think that 250ml is too big for a Gong Fu pot then please be advised that this pot is not designed to fill to the top but instead to fill up about two thirds which makes it more of a 180ml capacity.

This GongFu Glass pot is presented in a luxurious padded box.

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