Gong Fu Solo  · 1 Gaiwan + 1 Cup + 1 Towel + Case
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Whenever I am rolling through sample tastings THIS is my setup - one small gaiwan, one cup and a towel. It is probably my most frequently used teaware if I am drinking by myself. So I thought, why not offer it as a set for you or the perfect gift to get somebody into Gong Fu brewing. I honestly think that everyone should have this setup on hand for a cheeky solo session.


  • 60ml White Gaiwan
  • 50ml Mei Leaf Blue tulip cup 
  • Mei Leaf Towel
  • Padded storage case

The small Gaiwan means that you are able to brew rich tea without using up as much leaf as if you were drinking with others. The volume of the Gaiwan fits perfectly with the cup so you brew and pour from Gaiwan straight to cup without any Gong Dao Bei/Fairness pitcher. It is super simple while giving all the pleasures of Gaiwan brewing.

I think that this is a really affordable gift to anyone who may be thinking about getting into True Tea or for those who have a bigger setup but is lacking a quick and minimal setup for desktop brewing.

The set comes in a padded case for easy storage and transportation


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