Tea creates positive experiences through taste, companionship, presence and beauty.

Expand the power of tea. Create more stories in more places and with more people by bringing your Gong Fu sessions wherever you roam.

The ‘Gong Fu Story’ is a powerful solution to set your tea sessions free and allow tea to bring more positivity to your life and those around you.

The Gong Fu Story is the result of frustration - it was not convenient to travel with your tea or even bring a Gong Fu tea session to your friend's place. Gong Fu tea is such a positive and social experience and yet, for the most part, we were restrained to brewing at our home or office. Think of all the incredible places that we could drink tea, think about how many more people could experience that social magic that happens when you share tea together - if we could easily take our tea sessions wherever we roam. We wanted to expand our Tea story and set our sessions free.

Sure, there are some tea travel kits on the market but they force you to use their limited teaware on tiny little trays - that's ok for a quick solo tea but they did not allow us to express the true beauty of Gong Fu Cha.

So, we thought, why don't we design a solution that allows you to bring any and all of your teaware and a big enough water tray for PROPER tea sessions? So instead of working on a teaware kit, we began working on a bag.

Inspiration came from camera bags. We are constantly travelling with camera gear for our YouTube filming and we found that the padding was excellent for protecting teaware. But, some improvements were necessary - the bag needed to be the right size for teaware, the material should be more water-resistant, there needed to be a place for tea which would be protected from moisture plus many more adaptations.

After over 7 months of working with bag designers, we have created the Gong Fu Story. We have tested this bag to the max - bringing it to the great outdoors, London parties and overseas. We cannot imagine life before the Gong Fu Story - it has liberated our tea sessions and we have shared tea with so many more people in so many different places. This is not simply a bag. It is a passport for you to bring the power of tea to more places and share it with more people.

Create new stories and set your tea sessions free.

Gong Fu Story Features:

  • Sturdy, comfortable and spacious backpack which can be used for tea or as a quality bag or a combination.
  • Built-in zipped pouch containing our GONG FU SATELLITE WATER TRAY (included instead of the old water tray in some pictures).
  • Gong Fu microfibre tea towel with our #GaiwanStyles design.
  • Adaptable and removable, extra-thick padding with velcro to protect your teaware. The height of the bag has been designed to fit all Gong Fu teaware.
  • Large, removable, zipped tea stash bag made out of waterproof material*. Designed to store lots of tea including 200g cakes.
  • Carrying pockets on either side of the bag to carry two thermos bottles of water.
  • Front pocket to carry other items.


  1. Gong Fu Story Bag (37cm x 30cm x19cm)
  2. GONG FU SATELLITE tray included
  3. Gaiwan Styles Design Gong Fu Towel
  4. Removable Tea Stash Bag (25cm x 12cm x 10cm)
  5. Padded Teaware Dividers x10
  6. Brewrider thermos bottle (optional extra)


1. The Gong Fu Story protects against damage to teaware and we have never had any breakages. We cannot, however, be responsible if any breakages occur.

2. Please dry teaware and tea tray before packing with the provided towel. *The material is waterproof, however, water will be able to enter at any seams so please avoid spillages in the bag. If this happens then allow to dry with the bag open in a warm place.

3. Always keep the water tray in its place when travelling with teaware. This adds protection to your teaware.

4. The bamboo top of the GONG FU SATELLITE will naturally bend slightly after use due to water causing bamboo to expand a little. This is normal and is the same for all bamboo water catchers. It should not affect use.


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