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    I use it every day. Great for solo sessions.

Welcome to the Gong Fu Vessel, the latest addition to our Gong Fu Code elite brewing series. This is an incredibly versatile Gong Fu brewing essential allowing you to brew tea in style with a very small footprint at your desk. The Vessel can also join larger sessions as a pot stand or rinse bowl.

The Gong Fu Code series includes the CODE (for brewing in style for 1-6 people comfortably) and the SATELLITE (for brewing for 1-4 people comfortably). You can combine these two trays together to have big Gong Fu parties.

But, I felt that we were missing one piece to the puzzle. A  Gong Fu tray with a small footprint for solo and small sessions of 1-3 people, which could also act as a rinse collector, tea boat and pot stand. The Gong Fu Vessel manages to tick all of these boxes.

On the market you will often see the following accessories:

1. Rinse bowl - for collecting tea rinse and leaves when brewing 'dry style' or for extended tasting sessions. These are just bowls and have no other function.

2. Pot Stand - a water collector with a top to stand a tea pot and collect any water which spills or is poured over the pot. These are usually small with quite a low capacity for holding water.

3. Tea Boat - a water collector with a top to fit all of your teaware for brewing. These are usually either limited in capacity or too large for desktop brewing.

I felt that we could work on the designs and dimensions of the Vessel to craft the most versatile accessory to replace all of these teawares. So we worked on the dimensions to allow for maximum capacity with the smallest footprint while allowing you to comfortably brew with most Gong Fu teaware. Of course, we also had to go for our signature modern yet balanced aesthetic.

The Gong Fu Vessel consists of a purple clay bowl with a large capacity of about 1000ml and a laser-cut, electro-plated stainless steel water catcher with our signature Gong Fu Code designs (including an infusion counter suitable for our Cat or Elephant teapets (sold separately). This look will sit perfectly within modern and traditional setups.

The Gong Fu Vessel is a:

Brewing Station / Tea Boat

Gong Fu brew using minimal space. The water catcher drains quickly and is the perfect size for small Gong Fu brewing setups. The diameter of the brewing surface is 16cm. This comfortably fits most pairings of Gong Fu pots and Gaiwans plus a Gong Dao Bei and teapet. For pots under 150ml, you can usually also include a cup on the brewing station to make the perfect self-contained desktop teaboat. It also fits the Chaozhou brewing setup (small gaiwan and three cups). You can see pictures above of some typical setups.

Rinse Bowl & Leaf Collector

Throw away tea rinse and used leaves neatly with a big capacity for extensive sessions. The water catcher cover keeps your tea session looking beautiful.

Pot Stand

Pair with a larger Gong Fu setup and use the Vessel solely for your pot or gaiwan to spotlight your tea brewing. The brewing surface will comfortably fit almost all pots and Kyusu's up to 250ml capacity.

Arc Brewing Basin

Add ice and water to the basin. Brew your tea in your pot directly in the basin for fast temperature drops to hold high aromatics


  • Do not place put any part of the Vessel in a dishwasher.
  • Empty the vessel after every session. Rinse and dry the basin. Use mild detergent and water on the water catcher. Do not use abrasive cloths or detergents. If you would like to remove any persistent tea stains then please use a gentle stain remover solution like citric acid and baking soda
  • The bowl and lid are individually made and will naturally have some character, inconsistencies and marks. These inconsistencies (such as the plating colour varying slightly or working marks on the lid and bowl and small gaps in the metalwork) are the result of individual hand-manufacture. Please see some pictures below to see examples of these marks and do not purchase if these are unacceptable to you.

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