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Oh boy are we excited about this pot - our own exclusive design in collaboration with Master Wu.

We wanted to source a Chaozhou pot which still borrowed from the classics but had a fresh and more edgy styling. So we have been browsing catalogues and talking to potters but to no avail.

It was a great honour when one of our favourite teaware masters offered for us to collaborate on a design. So I sent drawings back and forth with Master Wu and we quite quickly agreed on this unique design.

The style has flow yet movement in the shifting angles. It has dynamism in looks and performance with shifting curves and a slender, pointed tip. In the hands it is engaging yet poised and balanced.

The clay is the same quality as with all of the pots coming out of Master Wu studios - impeccable.

This pot is fully handmade without the use of moulds and therefore each will be slightly unique. The craftsmanship is glorious with a delightful pour, tight fitting lid smooth polished surface.

We are so happy with this exclusive design and would like to thank Master Wu for his willingness to allow us to design with him.

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