Firstly let's talk about the shape of this Kyusu. Flat bottomed and cylindrical walls give a unique low profile that adds a modern twist to a traditional Kyusu. The design is not simply for appearance, with some people preferring the wider base to allow the settled leaves to brew more evenly as they are spread out in a thinner pile compared to higher-profile pots. We have tested this out and there is definitely a difference in the taste when brewing with different shaped Kyusus especially with those very particular senchas.

The volume is 200ml all the way to the lid when empty so in normal use it will take about 150-170ml of water if not filled to the brim of the Kyusu.

This Kyusu is made from Tokoname clay by Master Kamimura and has been adorned with Mogake (seaweed) decoration. This involves laying seaweed over the Kyusu before firing. When the seaweed burns off it leaves unique and distinctive patterns - every one is individual to you. It is beautiful, engaging and natural.

The Tokoname clay is perfectly suited for all types of tea but is of course designed for Sencha and other Japanese Greens. The minerals add texture and gently softens out any harsher notes without sacrificing the bright character and taste.

This master Kyusu is a real treat for any teahead and we have, of course, nabbed one for ourselves!

Seasoning and washing your Kyusu

It is generally not necessary to season Tokoname teaware in the same way as Yixing clay. You can follow the same instructions as Yixing but really all that you have to do is rinse this Kyusu in boiling water a few times and then begin brewing. If you would like to speed up the very subtle seasoning of Tokoname clay then you can leave your chosen tea type to brew for 15 minutes in the Kyusu every so often.

As always with clay teaware, do not use any detergents! To clean, all then you have to do is thoroughly rinse out the tea leaves and leave to dry with the lid off.

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