Sakura Shiboridashi
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    Beautiful, cute, smooth & elegant. Simple design with just enough detailing. Slightly heavy by a hair, very tactically pleasing. The lid sits nicely in the body, oddly satisfying. Good balance. Love it.

Simple luxury in the hands - smooth and weighty Shudei Clay Shiboridashi with hand-engraved sakura blossoms.

Brewing Gyokuro is a special session because of the intensity of the flavour and effects. When you brew in a Shiboridashi it allow you to squeeze out every last drop of concentrated tea from the leaves.

The shibo has been made precisely to allow just enough space to pour out the precious jade-dew liquor while hold back all of the leaves.

As always with clay teaware, do not use any detergents! To clean, all then you have to do is thoroughly rinse out the tea leaves and leave to dry with the lid off.

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