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£4.13 (£1.38/unit)
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    Works and looks great!

This may look like a simple tea tin but this one took us many months of designing. The goal was to elevate the functionality of the tea storage tin so that you can keep your teas looking neat and organised with all the information that you need to find your tea and read your brewing and tasting notes.

Here are some of the main features:


We have adapted the size to fit an average pack of tea. Any bigger and you will be wasting space and have excessive air in the canister. They will fit the same amount of tea as in a Mei Leaf Pack (box) of tea so you can transfer your tea immediately. If you have more tea than fits in a canister then you will have to split over two canisters.

Measuring individually 8cmX10cmX7cm. 


Metal has many grades and this is food grade metal. The lids and stackable seals will keep the tea practically airtight and totally block out any light.


We have made the diameter of the tin suitable for Boveda humidity control packs for those who want extra control over humidity.


We have given you two large areas to label your tea and write any tasting and brewing notes. You can do this in a few ways:

  • Every Mei Leaf tea label is peelable and is exactly the same size as the label space on the canisters. This will give you Name, Tasting Notes, SCOPE and Brewing Instructions all neatly on your storage.
  • The label sizes are very close to AVERY 5199 labels. Buy a pack of labels and you can happily print/write and neatly label your teas. The Mei Leaf circle logo on the lid has been designed to be the same size as AVERY HRR01 so that you can label the top in case you are storing your teas in a drawer.
  • We have made the texture of the canister suitable for writing on directly either with chalk pens or semi-permanent markers. These can be washed off when changing the tea with a damp cloth. We have printed on our Brewing parameter symbols for easy writing of how you like to brew the tea



Around the bottom and top of the canister are tabs to mark the type of tea. Simply use a semi-permanent marker or chalk pen to colour in or place an 'X' on the tabs corresponding to the tea type. This gives you a visual aid to see your tea types and organise your teas by tea types.

Tea Type Tabs

We think you’ll love:

Natural Bamboo charcoal made from five-year-old, high mountain bamboo which has been roasted at high temperature. Excellent for purifying and softening water or removing odours during tea storage.

Sharp and thin tea pick for the hardest of tea cakes.

The essential fine mesh stainless steel filter for all Gong Fu brewing.

Anji Bai Cha

Top shelf grade Pre Qing Ming Anji Green from 26 year old bushes. Nashi pear, slate, starfruit and pumpkin seeds.