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    I love this little gaiwan. Capacity is not quite 100 ml, nevertheless perfect size for solo brewing or a small session for 2 people. Love the Teaheads artwork.

The ultimate and universal Gong Fu vessel is the 100ml White Gaiwan and every year we release special one-off designs for all of you collectors out there.

Small Gaiwans are the simplest and most affordable way to brew spectacular tea and 100ml suits sessions from one to three people. It means that you can use less leaf while crafting full-flavoured, Gong Fu brews. They are fabulous for horizontal tasting sessions and we recommend picking up a few of these for whenever you would like to compare tea.

But, simple does not have to mean that they are lacking in style. This Gaiwan is made from De Hua white porcelain for excellent quality.

Every year we release collectable, limited-edition designs for these 100ml Gaiwans and this #Teaheads design features the hashtag and two goldfish to swim in their tea. These goldfish are originally from a drawing by Celine of myself and her which was used for our wedding invitations!

Be sure to add this one to your collection.

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