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After many requests we are proud to offer genuine Yixing clay pots to our clients. This is one of the best and most enjoyable ways of brewing tea.

Read on to learn about what makes this pot so essential for any tea lover.

Genuine Yixing Clay

There are many fake Yixing pots out there, some are made with decent clay from another region but others are synthetic or made with non-porous materials (which defeats one of the purposes of brewing in clay).

This pot is made with genuine Yixing Zisha Stone (not earth) clay. This clay has the perfect characteristics for brewing tea:

  1. Rich in minerals which react with the tea to improve smoothness and taste.
  2. Excellent at holding heat to maintain a consistent brewing temperature.
  3. High porousity, allowing the tea essences to be absorbed by the pot and the clay to season your brew.

Half Handmade Manufacturing

Fully handmade pots require the skills of an artisan who usually has about 20 years to learn his or her craft and therefore they are eye-wateringly expensive. If anyone is selling a 'fully handmade' pot for less than £200 then we would suggest that you question their honesty.

This pot is half-handmade which means that the main shape is created by putting the clay into pre-made molds before sculpting the handle and spout by hand. A large proportion of the process is done by hand and in the West, we would certainly call this ‘handmade’ but in China, this is referred to as half-handmade.

Xi Shi Shape

There are a few classic Yixing Pot shapes and this is one of our favourites. The pot is beautifully balanced and feels wonderful in your hands. One thing that you should look out for with Yixing pots is that the top of the handle, bottom of the lid and tip of the spout are perfectly level making for a lovely pouring action.


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