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    Truly a perfect Zini pot. Its shape allows for gaiwan-level aroma checks between infusions, something other pots oftentimes lack. Clay quality, pour, feeling in hand, and lid fitting are top-notch.

A 100ml Pan Hu shape pot which has been half-handmade from transformative Huang Long Shan Zini clay - can be used for most tea types but is perfectly suited to Raw and Ripe PuErh.

We have been testing many, many Zisha pots over the last year to try to offer some new styles for our clients. Most often the clay lets the pot down - it may look pretty and pour well but the transformative effect of the clay is either lacking or detrimental to the tea.

This pot has been tested for about 6 months in our home and we have found ourselves using it more often than fully handmade pots because it just makes the tea sing by shaving off harshness without muting the clarity of taste and adding a depth of texture.

This pot is half-handmade by Master Xu Feng in Yixing from authentic Huang Long Shan Zini. Half-handmade means that it is made by hand but utilises moulded shapes to assist the production. It is a great performing pot and a perfect way to add high-grade Zini clay to your collection without spending the huge numbers for fully handmade.

The pot has a ball filter made by the same producer and from the same clay - many people think that ball filters denote lower quality because they are often mass produced by a different company using different material and then sold to pot makers. This idea is not true - ball filters do not denote lower quality as long as they are made from the same clay at the same potter's studio. Ball filters can reduce the likelihood of leaves blocking the flow of the pot when pouring.

Capacity is about 100ml - we know that you like your teapots small - perfect for solo up to 3-4 people.

The name Pan Hu (meaning Pan Pot) comes from a famous Yixing teaware collector in the Qing Dynasty called Mr Pan. He collected specifically shaped pots and this is one of them and so 'Pan Hu' is named after him.


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