Switch to Gong Fu Brewing

Why is Gong Fu Brewing the ultimate way to taste tea? Read on and become a proper Gong Fu geek.


Why switch to Gong Fu Brewing?

Time and time again I am advising people who want to get into true tea to switch to Gong Fu Brewing. But why? Is it because it uses more leaves and I can sell more tea?

No. Honestly it is not. I recommend Gong Fu brewing because it is truly the best way to get the full Ultra HD appreciation of tea. Western style brewing produces a blurry and distorted image of the tea - OK if you are in a rush and need a tea fix but you are really doing yourself and your tea a disservice.

For many teas, I do not think it is worth spending your hard earned money on them unless you are brewing Gong Fu style. It is like viewing a subtly detailed photograph through a dirty window or tasting an immaculately prepared complex dish while holding your nose - you might as well buy a louder and less textured picture or eat a more one dimensionally flavoured meal if you are experiencing it in such a blunt way.

In Gong Fu brewing everything that we love about tea is allowed to shine. The beautiful form and function of the teaware. The craft and control of the brewing. The shape, texture and colour of the leaf. BUT most importantly - the tea tastes soooooo much better. Once you switch to Gong Fu brewing all those (pretentious sounding) tasting notes suddenly make sense because the tea is rich and strong without being overbrewed and stewed. You can sense the texture of the tea and you are immersed in its aroma.

This is not a special way of tea drinking. This IS tea drinking. The other ways of brewing have their place - cold brew, grandpa style etc but they are stylisations of the real thing. You don't have to splash out on lots of expensive teaware either. You can buy a Connoisseur Tea Brewer and begin brewing Gong Fu immediately. Or, if you want to go to the elite level you can treat yourself to the Gong Fu Guru.

Want to know more about Gong Fu Brewing? Watch this video as a starter and check out our Brewing Guide.


Buy the Gong Fu teaset featured in this video.
Try Young Gushu 2016.

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