House Roasting Duck Sh*t Oolong

Who says that you can't experiment with tea? Try out some home roasting.


We released this video on April 1st and a lot of people though this was joke beacuse of the title. The puns started to come in on the forums from 'that sh*t's on fire' to 'smooth as sh*t from a duck's ass'.

I have been experimenting with my own tea roasting for a few months and it is really exciting. Who says that you can't try to play around with the taste of a tea yourself? Sure, the tea farmers and roasters are unparalleled in skill but my rebellious London side wants to play too and I absolutely LOVE the results.

When this Duck Sh*t sample arrived it was very good, excellent in fact and I was about to put it out for sale but I had a minor criticism - the finish was a little green. I sat there and thought that I would adore this tea if the roasters had given it a little extra. So I decided to use this as my test subject for the first Mei Leaf house roasted tea.

I bought an oven and began playing around with parameters. Tea roasting is like everything in tea - simple in concept but nuanced in practice. I am not going to reveal our house roast parameters but I would say that temperatures between 70 and 150 celsius are the best to play with if you want to try.

The roasting adds warmer flavours (obviously) and softens the texture and astringency. Give it a whirl on some tea that you do not mind wasting and transform your brews!


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