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    Interesting tea. Nuty taste.

Fencha is a matcha-like fine powder to boost performance by providing calm and creative energy.

While Matcha is incredible for lifting mood and energy it can be a little too much caffeine for some people. Mei Leaf has partnered with other like-minded peeps in food and innovation to create a specially formulated blend to give you calm, creative energy.

Peak performance requires focus and energy but at the same time requires good rest and less stress. Fencha was designed to meet these needs. This is achieved by combining stone ground oolongs rich in GABA with ginseng and licorice.

GABA is a neurotransmitter that may help to calm the mind, Ginseng provides adaptogenic energy and liquorice is an MAO inhibitor to help enhance the longevity of the mood-enhancing effects of this tea.

All of this results in energy and mood enhancement without stress and jitteriness (Oolong is relatively low in caffeine).

Fencha can be consumed exactly like Matcha by whisking one teaspoon in 60-100ml of warm water. It can also be used to make a delicious Fencha Latte if you feel like a milky treat.


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