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    Very good quality, precise measurement and easy to pour leaves from into gaiwan or teapot

A very useful and stylish addition to your teaware collection. An electronic tea scoop with accurate measurement of weight to 0.1g and a gliding slide for adding leaves to your pot or Gaiwan.

At first, I thought that this scoop was a bit of a gimmick. Do you need a tea presentation scoop which has an integrated weighing function? But I bought one for myself anyway to try it out, expecting it to be another gadget which eventually gathers dust in my cupboards. I was wrong.

Since purchasing over 6 months ago, I have used this Cha Ze every day. It is such a functional unit and a joy to use. So let's go through some of the features.


Despite being an electronic device, the Cha Ze has the feel of something artisan. Made from metal, it feels substantial in the hands and mimics a piece of bamboo in styling.

The black brushed-over copper is the best colour for the Cha Ze for leaf presentation. White causes too much contrast and other colours would distract from the focus - your tea. The black is neutral enough so that you assess the tone of the leaves and makes the Cha Ze look sleek and stylish without standing out excessively.

The size is perfect for all sessions - small enough for solo sessions with just a few grams of leaf, all the way up to bigger 10-15 gram brews. The scoop will contain and present your leaves in style.


While some people will always weigh their tea leaves in preparation for a session, many people do not. This is mostly because they don't want the extra hassle of fiddling with an electronic scale which may look a bit overly geeky and clutter the tea setup.

This Cha Ze transforms the setup experience. With no extra gadgets you can instinctively lay your leaves out in the presentation scoop, ready for transfer to your warm pot or gaiwan AND you can discreetly see the accurate weight of your leaves. No need for extra scales - this Cha Ze actually declutters your setup.

The scale is very accurate (to 0.1g) and the reading appears elegantly within the surface of the handle of the scoop. The reading auto-disappears after 60 seconds so that you have no evidence of any electronic functionality after your preparation.

You can, of course, choose not to turn on the Cha Ze if you do not want any weighing measurement but I think that most of you would take the opportunity to see your weights since it is available.


A Cha Ze is not just to display the leaves but also to assist in transferring them into your warm pot or gaiwan. The size, contoured shape and smooth surface of this Cha Ze makes that process effortless. It will suit most pot openings and makes moving leaves around your tea stage easy, enjoyable and mess-free.


The Cha Ze comes with a charging cable which will fit into any USB-A power source. You do not need to charge it very often - I think that I have charged mine twice in the last 6 months!

The handle of the scoop has a very discreet spot (marked with a black sticker which can be removed if you wish) for turning on the unit. Simply hold your finger on that part of the Cha Ze surface for a second and the Cha Ze weights will display.

The Cha Ze comes in a box with charging cable and English instructions for use.

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot offer any extended warranty on this device. Our standard Terms apply, giving you 60 days from receipt to report any faults. We cannot be responsible for repair or replacement after this period of time. I have spoken at length with the producers and there is no way for us to organise any further warranty as this would require sending units back to China. I. personally, have great confidence in the sturdiness and reliability of this Cha Ze. I have used mine every day for 6 months and it has been dropped, had water splashed all over it and generally bashed about without any issues.

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