Handcrafted bamboo tools designed specifically by Mei Leaf for beauty and functionality.

Cup Collar

Avoid touching your guest’s cups but instead glide them around the session with style. Designed to fit almost all Gong Fu size cups.

Tea Stylus

The perfect little tool to meticulously transfer tea into your brewing vessel and manipulate leaves.


Straight edge with extra grip to easily pick up cups for cleaning or pouring out rinse water. These tweezers are also great for examining tea leaves without handling with your fingers.

The Gong Fu Stems are individually handmade from baked bamboo and there will be natural variations to the colour and details of each one. The bamboo is unvarnished for purity but instead is baked for a darker colour. The more the bamboo is sanded the lighter it will be and therefore the Cup Collar and Stylus will usually be a lighter shade than the Tweezers.

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Colour changing Cat teapet designed exclusively for Mei Leaf.

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