have tried many sizes and shapes of Chawan (Matcha bowl) and this one is my favourite.


A Chawan has to have a shape and size which is enjoyable to hold in two hands when slurping up your matcha. Similarly, it must be the right shape to allow for a vigorous and smooth whisking action without making a Matcha mess! The lower profile and wider ones are, in my opinion, not that enjoyable to hold and take up a lot of room on your shelves. They tend to have an angled base that makes whisking less enjoyable.

This Chawan is excellent for whisking and fits beautifully in two hands. There is a small lip on the inside of the bowl to prevent spillages from excessive whisking. The opening is big enough to slurp without any obstruction.


Out of all the colours we have tried, we find that the beautiful green matcha works best against a charcoal black material

Black chawan

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