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    My favorite way to try a new tea purchased through Mei Leaf. Tiny and adorable.

What is it about us Teaheads? The more that we love tea, the smaller our teaware becomes. We showed these cute little babies when sampling tea in a video and received a torrent of requests for them and so here they are for you!

These Gaiwans are perfect for a small solo brew because they allow you to get a rich brew with a large leaf-to-water-ratio without using many leaves! A great solution for those precious teas that you would like to brew Gong Fu style.

We like to use them for tea sampling or horizontal tastings. If we want to sample three or more teas together in a comparative tasting, we don't want to waste leaves or drink litres and litres of tea. So we whip out a few of these Gaiwans so that we can use fewer leaves and drink a respectable (rather than obscene) amount of tea while tasting the tea brewed with the right ratios.

I highly recommend purchasing a few of these if you plan on using these to compare and drink multiple teas in one session.

This Gaiwan is traditionally used for Chaozhou style brewing. In this form of Gong Fu Brewing, the brewer dispenses with a Gong Dao Bei and instead pours directly from the Gaiwan into three small cups in a repeating circular motion. The skill is to try to ensure that all cups receive an even-strength brew by blending the earlier parts of the pour with the last few drops. Try it out - we have included an option for a Chaozhou bundle set with this Gaiwan and three of the perfect cups for a lower price. Even if you are brewing just for yourself or for two people you ALWAYS use three cups (someone receives an extra cup).

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