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200-300 Year Old Gushu Raw PuErh He Beng & Guo Gan Spring 2019

A totally unique blend of Gushu PuErh from China (He Beng) and Myanmar (Guo Gan). Made from estimated 200-300 year old tea trees.


Myanmar has been tempting us for the past few seasons. The mountain area of Guo Gan in Myanmar produces very fresh alpine tasting teas - meadow flowers, alpine herbs and mineral mountain stream character. They are delightfully bright and clean, although we have found that the teas are a little light and missing body.

So, this year we set about trying to capture the bracing, high mountain taste of Myanmar PuErh while adding more deep and foundational flavours.

When we first tasted the He Beng tea we were amazed by the smooth, soft, luxuriously chocolatey PuErh being made from this relatively unfamed mountain area of West Yunnan. It seemed so completely opposite to the bright alpine freshness of the Myanmar tea that we overlooked it for blending. But, one day during my experiments I did a double drop session with these teas and tried mixing them together. The results were unexpectedly delicious.

Rather than fighting each other, the creamy white chocolate and nut milk roundness of the He Beng harmonised with the bright sweet and mineral freshness of the Myanmar to create a whole which was much bigger than the sum of its parts. We were hooked and ordered up all of the tea to be blended 50/50 for our cakes.

As always, we set about trying to find the cover character for this tea and discovered this weird and wonderful animal - the Pangolin. Basically a baby dinosaur, the Pangolin lives in Myanmar and China. It is the worlds most poached wild animals and is facing extinction. We think that the pangolin is the perfect character to describe this tea - rare and unique and native to Myanmar and China. We also felt that we could use this PuErh to highlight the Pangolin and its imminent extinction.


Gong Fu Brewing Western Brewing
Amountg per 100ml 1st Infusionseconds + Infusionsseconds Number of
Amountg per 100ml 1st Infusionseconds + Infusionsseconds Number of
5 15 +5 15 0.8 120 +30 5

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