Uji Hikari Matcha

Toyo Mukashi Uji Matcha

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    The best Match ever tasted! I cannot wait until I try the ceremonial grade one

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Tiny batch 100% Uji Hikari Cultivar matcha made by an Uji Matcha Family master. This is the absolute highest grade Matcha available and we adore it for its depth of flavour, creamy body and velvety finish

Watch us sourcing matcha or skip to 17mins for the tasting of the first batch of Uji Hikari matcha.

This is a 30g tin of 100% Uji Hikari variety ceremonial grade matcha made from hand-picked tencha which has been shaded for about a month before picking. The shading on these leaves has gone up to 90% by using three covers to almost entirely block out the sun just before harvesting.

The leaves are stone ground using granite mills in a small family run factory in Uji which has been making award-winning matcha for generations.

The cup colour is a vibrant rich green and the flavour is deep umami and creamy with a perfect layering of bright green notes moving into a smooth, gliding finish.

This is one for those really special matcha moments. Please be aware that we purchased the entire batch direct from the revered family of matcha makers of their top grade matcha, this tea is not available anywhere else worldwide.

To learn how to make matcha watch this video:

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Ceremonial grade organic matcha sourced from Shizuoka in Japan. Fresh spring fields and kombu umami leading to a brief bitter hit followed by vibrant, juicy sweetness.